Grand Forks, ND–It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day and people are still dressed in green in downtown Grand Forks. Bars like O’Really’s Irish Pub and Brick and Barley are participating in the annual Leprechaun Loop. It’s an event that bars look forward to bring in the cash every year.

Ruben Oliver, the manager at O’Really’s said the event is so big, that they do a practice run six months before the actual holiday.

“It’s one of our biggest highlights of the year. Especially being the only Irish bar in town,” Oliver said.

With the event in full swing, most people look forward to another year of drinking with friends. However, for some like hair stylist Tasha Berberich, it’s a whole new experience.

“It’s my first time on the Loop,” Berberich said. “I’m very worried,” she added.

She and hundreds of others threw on their green and headed downtown for a day of fun.

Looper Mitchel Shmiganowsky actually painted his entire body green in the spirit of the holiday and UND.

“Win or lose, we still booze,” Shmiganowsky said. He said he hasn’t been out in a while, so he decided to go all out.

And what’s everyone’s favorite part about the Loop?

“Probably the green beer,” student Dan Schmit said.

But it’s not just the green beer and festivities that interested everyone. At Muddy Rivers Bar and Grill, they served up Irish Stew, and at O’Really’s Irish Pub, they served up breakfast. Bartender Grant Birmingham explained what he called a breakfast shot.

“Jameson mixed with butterscotch, then we got orange juice as a chaser with a little bacon and French toast to make it more of a deluxe breakfast shot,” he said.

A fun-filled day full of socializing and meeting new friends.

I’m excited to meet new people, I’m sure I’ll meet a ton by the end of the night,” Schmiganowski said.

For most people, they’re trying to make it to all the bars to get the prize at the end of the rainbow. For some, they’re only hoping for one thing.

“I’m just hoping to make it to the last bar tonight without falling over,” Berberich said.