Grand Forks, ND–Some people in the work force don’t have leadership skills. Lack of these skills can hurt you in your career and future.

The University of North Dakota stresses the importance of leadership skills in order to be successful, so they hold a series of leadership lectures in the Memorial Union. Laurie Betting, interim vice president for Student Affairs, gave a speech at one of these lectures on Wednesday afternoon. She emphasized her speech on the importance of building high performing teams in the work world.

“The ability to make an impact whether it’s through the work world, through volunteer services, in church, whatever it be, you need to have people understand how to move projects forward, how to build teams, how to bring people that understand how to move projects forward, how to build teams, how to bring people along, how to set goals, how to inspire people, so every one of us have an opportunity to be a leader and hopefully it’s something that we aspire to,” Betting said.

Betting said she can’t imagine the role she plays on campus or others that she’s had her entire life without an opportunity to gain skills and have people nudge her along the way and challenge her to become a better leader.

Sarah Kaiser, coordinator of Student Organizations and Affairs at UND, said that leadership is one of the No. 1 job skills employers are looking for.

Kaiser said if you ask anybody what leadership is, you’re going to get a different answer. She said she wouldn’t be here today without the leadership skills she learned in school.

She says her idea of leadership is personal accountability, responsibility, and sometimes being a first follower.

Kaiser said employers are looking for everything a leader can offer in a potential employee. How to be a team player, and how to lead. She said knowing the line between being the boss and being a leader is essential for a good work environment.

UND business management student Madalyn Worden said she thought the information she learned from Betting would be helpful in the future.

“Leadership is a key part in any career in order to excel in your job. It also teaches you important life lessons like how to handle situations and be a good role model not only for others but for potentially your kids someday,” Worden said.

Betting said she would just encourage people not to wait to be invited into a leadership opportunity.

“In this wonderful town of exploration, look for opportunities to do things differently than maybe what your path has been,” Betting said.

UND President Mark Kennedy will present his topic in the lecture series on Wednesday, April 5.