The next time you are planning on taking a weekend trip to escape the stress that comes with college you should consider making the short drive up to our neighbor to the north—Winnipeg. Although there are many different things to do in Winnipeg I have compiled a list of 5 places for college students to visit that will not break the bank.


Imagine it’s Friday afternoon and you just finished class for the week, so you and your friends drive up to Winnipeg for a few days of fun. You get there just in time for dinner so you head to The Pint.

  1. The Pint. This is the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of classes and traveling. It has a bar and restaurant downstairs with a small dance area upstairs where guests can enjoy the latest music. When you order one of The Pint’s specialty drinks it is actually served in one of their iconic glass boots for around CA$ 7. The restaurant on the other hand features “40-Way” wings, ribs, and perogies that you can customize to your liking. You can expect to spend about CA$ 8 to CA$ 13 on these entrees. Upstairs is where you will find the dance floor where you can listen to favorite pop songs. There is also seating upstairs if you need a break from all of the dancing.


After you check out The Pint it would definitely be worth your while to hop on over to The World Famous Palomino Club to really get the feel for downtown Winnipeg’s nightlife.

  1. The World Famous Palomino Club. Unlike The Pint, The Palomino hosts live bands like The Ins & Outs and the Jukebox Heroes to entertain its guests. Most of The Palomino’s bands play either rock or country music to appeal to the crowd. The scene here consists of club-goers from all ages, but you can usually find a younger group towards the end of the night. It’s a great place to hang out on a Friday night because even if you are not a fan of dancing there is a quieter space downstairs with pool tables and seating. The interior of The Palomino is decorated with images and fixtures of the horse by the same name to create a unique environment for those in attendance. You will have to pay a small cover charge when you first get to the club but any other spending depends on you.


It is now Saturday morning and you are refreshed after a long night of dancing, so you decide to cab to Polo Park.

  1. Polo Park. This shopping mall is home to stores that you just will not find in Grand Forks including everything from Steve Madden to Urban Outfitters to the Disney Store, so everyone is bound to find something that suits them. Katie Wall, who enjoyed a shopping spree at the mall, noted that she loved the diversity in the stores at Polo Park. Even if you just end up walking around the huge building without buying anything you will not leave disappointed. Some places that you can visit if you do not want to spend a lot of money are The Second Cup coffee shop or Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. There is also a bowling centre on the ground level if you want to show off your competitive side. Your spending here again completely depends on you whether or not you choose to just walk around, buy a 5 dollar cup of coffee or frozen yogurt, or splurge on new clothing.


Since now you probably have bought some new clothes at Polo Park you may want to show them off, and what better place to show them off than at a concert? You are going to want to backtrack to the hotel and get ready for a night at the MTS Centre.

  1. MTS Centre. Many huge names in the music industry such as Eric Church and The Lumineers have made the trek to Winnipeg to perform at the MTS Centre. Carter Hendrickson, who attended a concert at the MTS Centre this month, liked that there were many different vendors available at the venue for food and drink. He said that he would highly recommend the soft pretzels to anyone going to the venue. He also thought that the skywalk connecting the building to other businesses made it easier to navigate the unfamiliar area. A concert ticket (CA$ 60) plus some food and drink (about CA$ 20) equals out to about CA$ 80. Based on the fact that you attend UND you probably know a thing or two about hockey, so if concerts are not really your thing than you can definitely find hockey games to go to instead since the MTS Centre is the home of the Winnipeg Jets. Hockey tickets start at CA$ 40.


The weekend went by in a flash and it is now Sunday morning and you are getting ready to drive home after an adventure filled few days. You make one last stop for a quick bite to eat at Elephant & Castle.

  1. Elephant & Castle. This location is perfect to wrap up your weekend getaway because it is right in the center of the other places you have just visited. Nicole Bylin, who dined at the restaurant, thinks that Elephant & Castle is a fun place for friends to hang out. She added that the prices were reasonable for a college student’s budget. She reported that she only spent about CA$ 30 on a simple burger and fries, a few drinks, and a tip. The place has a British inspired theme that will make your send-off back to reality an easy one.


Now that you have taken over Winnipeg for the weekend, and hopefully relieved some of that college stress, you are ready to tackle another week at UND.