Cru Summer Connect Free and Open for Students to Register.


Soon campuses will be empty as student’s head home for summer break. Suring the summer some students loosen their relationships with Christ during those three months. 1 student organization is trying to encourage students to continue their journey with God over the summer.


This summer Cru is debuting a new program for students interested in doing something more with their summer and grow in their spirituality. Summer Connect is a new program this June and July where students can connect with other students from around the country and listen to guest speakers every week. Tod Singer a Cru staff member said about the program, “The goal of Summer Connect is for you to access resources and encouragement to engage in God’s mission during the summer months, wherever you are.”


This program is being put on by Cru, a student organization on campus. Jake Jorgensen a Staff member says Cru is an interdenominational faith based organization open to any student on campus, whatever their background or beliefs are, he would love to meet you. He says Cru currently has over 100 active members that go to the weekly meeting or participate in small group activities.


Because most college students go away during the summer, Summer Connect is a completely online program every Thursday night at 8pm where you can log on your computer and watch a guest speaker as well as participate for those activities. It is free and open to all students at UND. For students who stay in the Grand Forks area, you can join others and watch the speaker as well as potentially take part in other events. 


For students, it’s easy to register, just go to, scroll do to join a hub, create an account, or log on through Facebook, then fill out the info page and questioner, simple as that.


The program goes from Jun 8th and concludes July 27th. Singer believes this could be a great program for students, saying, “One of the hardest things for me in college was to continue to walk with the Lord during my summer because I was away from a Christian community, this is one way that we are hoping to help students to continue to grow in their faith for the summer months.” He added that he wished this was offered when he was a student.


Summer Connect is just one of several programs that Cru puts on throughout the year. During the first month of each semester UND Cru has a weekend retreat on the shores of Devils Lake where there is a guest speaker, programs, and prayer. Also, over New Year’s students attend a conference in Minneapolis were thousands of students attend from all over the Midwest.


Cru is focused on bringing people together with similar spiritual beliefs and create long lasting relationships. Mark Miller a student and member of Cru said that some of his closest friends he has, he met through Cru, saying that his roommate is a friend that he met through the organization. There are many events for members to spend time with each other, Thursday’s all students are invited to Hamlin Hangout, where members can spend time with friends in a more casual setting.


If any student is interested in cru the easiest way to get involved is to attend one of the weekly meetings. Every Tuesday at 8pm Cru meets at the Reed Keller Auditorium in the old med school. Carter Shuldes, a Cru member and student said that he wants to talk to anybody interested in joining, saying, “nothing that you’ve done can change the love I have for you.” Another way is to go online to there you’ll see a list of staff members and contact information where you can set up a meeting with one of them, to get more information on Cru.