With another semester coming to an end, many students who are preparing for finals find themselves stressing out. At this point, college students have hopefully already found numerous ways to cope with stress, but for others, they might need a wake-up call as to what methods are really working for them.

Anthony Underwood, “Whenever I feel stressed, I watch Netflix or play videogames because they take my mind off reality for just a little bit.” I also asked Anthony if he ever struggles with focusing on both videogames and studying, he said “sometimes, but usually I can find a good balance between my hobbies and my study habits.”

Not everyone has as easy of a time switching between their hobbies however, “Normally, I would take my school stress out on videogames” said UND student Austin Borreson, “but the semester I’ve gotten incredibly bad at balancing my stress with videogames and my grades reflect that, so looking for a new way to balance stress and my interests are very important to me at this point.”

When asked about how he has been handling stress as this semester winds down, Samuel Forbes said, “I like to spend time relaxing and listening to music, playing video games, and enjoying the nice weather.” Sam also spends a lot of time unwinding on his phone. When he needs just a small break from studying, he looks at sports updates. “Both the NHL and NBA are battling through finals and they really great distractions when I’m stressed.”

Balancing stress and a personal life is important, but if you put your homework off too much you could be digging yourself into a deeper hole, which would inevitably damage your school work.

When some people are struggling to find motivation towards the end of the semester, they look for more spiritual guidance.

Kathryn Kaminski said “Typically I’ll take some time by myself to read my bible or journal about whatever is stressing me out. This usually helps me to shut everything out for a while and refocus on what’s really important. Sometimes I’ll catch up on my favorite YouTube channels which give me a good laugh and I’m able to just take a break from school.”

At the end of the day, relieving stress is very dependent on what type of person you are. Finding safe, healthy hobbies are not always easy, but it’s arguable that it is necessary to take a break from your studies and find time for oneself.

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Austin Borreson succumbing to bad habits at his computer