Living in North Dakota can be difficult for those students who enjoy music festivals, thankfully there are several festivals that take place not too far from UND.

Most students at the University of North Dakota have grown up in the Midwest or surrounding states, so it is not surprising that many college students are aware of all the music festivals around the Midwest.

If you are interested in live music, there are numerous opportunities for fans living in the Midwest. Festivals are a great way to see more than one of your favorite artists at once. UND student Michael Burstein said “The atmosphere at music festivals is so exhilarating, you never know who is going to collaborate with who.” With so many musicians gathered in one place you are bound to see some amazing sets and collaborations.

Colten Chandler attended WE Fest for the first time last year. He said “meeting people who have similar music tastes as well as other interests was the best summer experience I had.”

Road tripping is an excellent activity for young adults to experience while in college. Music festivals are one of many possible destinations of a memorable road trip. One of the easiest ways to plan a festival road trip is by creating a plan.

Because there are dozens of summer festivals in the Midwest, finding a festival with your favorite styles of music isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Common festivals include Soundset, Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Country Fest, Summerfest, Rock Fest, WE Fest, Lollapalooza and many more.

Deciding where to stay when you are going to a music festival can be somewhat difficult. Some festivals have camping areas, or hotels conveniently close to the festival. Some people even decide to sleep in their car or bring an RV. Most music festivals are all day events, so biggest necessities in deciding where you live are making sure you have a place to sleep and a place to shower.

Kyle Barzen-Hanson is a student from Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He has gone top Summerset three years in a row, and has a ritual of camping in the grounds provided by Summerset Music Festival with his road trip friends. “I keep going back because every year, I’ve had the best neighbors, we go to Summerset as strangers and part ways best friends.” Kyle said. Keeping an eye out for local places to camp can be an exceptional opportunity during a summer festival road trip.

Finding a perfect mix of comfortability and affordability is important because driving across the Midwest can do some damage on your wallet. It also helps to switch up drivers on the way down and back so everyone can stay rested.

Driving long distance sounds a lot worse than it actually is, especially driving in the Midwest in the summer. Between North Dakota and other areas in this region, there are so many places to see, eat or relax. Making sure you make time to “road trip” and not just drive to a festival is one way you can make your summer road trips more memorable.

When packing for a festival road trip, obviously, you are hoping for the best possible weather, but make sure you are prepared for the worst. Thunderstorms and rain can be unpredictable so packing rain gear is always a good idea. Summers in the Midwest can be warm also, so sunscreen, sunglasses and appropriate summer apparel are also essential.

Deciding to road trip to a music festival can be a hard decision, so knowing what to expect after you have already decided where to go makes the trip a little easier and defiantly more fun.

asap mike
Photo taken by  Michael Burstein at Soundset
Photo Taken at Lollapalooza 2015
colten orange juice
Colten Chandler at WE Fest
mike pic rap
Photo taken by Michael Burstein at Sound Set.
Kyle Barzen-Hanson taking part in some “cultured festivities” on top of his camper at Summerset