Finals week is upon students at UND meaning classes are done and many students leaving campus for the summer. Before students leave they must check out of their rooms. These are a few tips to make checking out easy and free.

Noelle Cutshaw, a Resident Assistant in Mcvey Hall said moveout can be a frustrating time for RA’s.

“Many students do checkout wrong and we have to fix their mistakes.”

She said common things they find are items left behind, beds not lowered, open windows and garbage in rooms, all things students can be fined for.

Cutshaw said that the best way to avoid fines are to know what to do during checkout. “We had a floor meeting that was mandatory for everyone to come to, and there was a campus wide email that had the same info. If you paid attention to either you’ll be good.” She said that if any student had questions they can talk to their RA for help.

There are a few things students should remember before checkout day. First students must be checked out of their rooms by Friday May 12 at 7 pm. If they need to stay longer they can, fill out the form that was on the email. Also, if you rented anything, a mini fridge, ladder or railing be sure to return those before you leave. Students should told to their roommate and their RA to set up a check out time with them. Also, being finals week remember quiet hours are now 24 hours all day, so try to not cause a ruckus when cleaning and packing.

When taking stuff home there are some students who like to get it over with early. Keaton Stout a student was already packing his stuff on Wednesday May 3.

He said with the three-day weekend, and his finals being mid-week he wanted to go home and bring all his stuff home now. He said, “Just get moving this stuff over with so I don’t have to worry about it during finals when everybody else is.”

Ryan Mooney on the other hand wanted to wait until finals week and said he needed help cleaning and packing, “My mom is coming up next week so she can help me pack and make my dirty room clean.”

When asked about his moms reaction to his plea for help, “She just started laughing and said I suppose I could.”

He isn’t too worried about the likely rush of people that will be packing at the same time he is, he said, “It’ll probably be like move in day, which I didn’t find too bad.”

When moving out its important to check and double check you’ve done everything you need to do, Cutshaw said, “If you have a question don’t hesitate to ask. That’s what we’re here for.”

If you follow these steps students there should be a problem during checkout, and you should be good to leave for the summer.

Cutshaw said with a smile, “It’d be a pretty crappy way to start you summer to get fined because you forgot to do something.”