The green vehicle is being towed after the two-vehicle collision on 9th St. The crash sent the driver to the hospital.

A car accident occured on Friday, April 28, resulting in the hospitalization of a teenage girl.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers said they found a Chevy Spark overturned on its roof, and a Buick with extensive front damage.

Officers say the driver of the Spark was travelling south on S. 9th St. and the Buick was heading east. Ave. S.

The driver of the Buick, 19 year-old Lydia Jacobson of Grand Forks was uninjured.

The driver of the Spark was a 17 year-old girl who was transported to Altru Hospital with unknown injuries. The passenger of the Spark was uninjured.

18 year-old Michael Hipsher was in his home when he herd the crash outside.

” I was inside on my phone and I heard a loud bang and we looked out the window and we seen that there was a car accident,” Hipsher said.

He said he and his friend John Hernandez ran outside to help.

“Our first instinct was to go help so we ran and right away I saw that the car was flipped, so I went to the door and I tried to yank on it to try to get it open and we couldn’t get it open, so we got them out through the back,” Hipsher said.

Hernandez said it wasn’t him and Hipsher who helped out.

“It was kind of a group effort, you know, the whole neighborhood came out to help,” Hernandez said.

On the side lines, 5 year-old Lily Hipsher was sitting in the grass watching events take place.

“This is one of the scariest things I ever saw,” she said.

Police said the Chevy Spark did not yield to oncoming traffic, resulting in the collision.