Deciding your fashion is one of the easiest ways for a college student to express their personality most of the time.

College students are presented with a lot of choices after their first years on their own. When it comes to fashion, reasonably priced clothes are often overlooked and more expensive, name brands are seen everywhere on college campuses.

A large aspect of some college student’s social lives revolve around fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. Fashion Is always changing. Chubbies are a brand of low cut shorts that are very in on college campuses right now. Looking back to even a few years ago, short shorts were almost never worn, and now they have become a staple in young adult fashion.

Dr. Soojung Kim, a Professor at the University of North Dakota said, “Each brand is kind of their own person, also known as brand identity. People will want to wear the styles of clothing that match their personality.”

One unfortunate aspect of each brand representing a personality is that not everyone can afford expensive clothing that matches their own personality. A UND student named Austin Borreson said “I rarely shop for clothing as it is. I can’t afford to own some of the popular brands I see around campus.” Not every student can afford the lifestyle of always wearing the more luxurious clothing brands.

Another student named Kolton Brohaugh, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity here at the University of North Dakota said “I just find myself purchasing the brand names because I know I can trust their products and I like their style.”

Most people would agree with Kolton, saying that comfort and style are mostly what affects their purchasing decisions, but in a lot of cases there is more to it than that. People often feel that if they aren’t dressing a certain way they won’t fit in.

In some cases, it might not be wise for students to spend their own money on expensive brand name clothing, especially with commitments such as paying for food, rent, or your education. But some students do it. The idea that “fitting in” in many social situations or friend groups can be as simple as a tiny sticker on the inside of your shirt is one idea that makes college so difficult and confusing for many students.

Deciding what you wear and your sense of style is easiest when the only opinion you are taking into consideration is your own.

An Image of Kolton Brohaugh captured at O’Kelly Hall