With the semester winding down many students are deciding where should they live over the summer. Should they go back home with their family or should they stay in Grand Forks? Often it comes down to where they can find a job and what makes the most sense for them after the summer. Here are a couple of students who have typical reasons for why they are deciding to live where they are over the summer.

Many students go home for the summer; Ryan Mooney is one example.  He said the main reason is proximity to his house, “I live less than an hour away, so why wouldn’t I go back home and live for free.” He added that spending time with family and friends also influenced his decision. He said many of his friends went to different colleges, and he is looking forward to catching up with them. “We will definitely have a few bonfires where we can all catch up and talk about high school, while also having fun together.”  Another factor is that he has a job lined up for the summer. It’s a place he worked at during high school and they said he would be welcome to come back again.

However, there are some students who decide to stay on or near campus for the summer. Kelci Lucier an academic councilor with over ten years’ experience wrote there are several factors to weigh when considering if you should stay over the summer. Jobs are usually a big factor when deciding where to go, and a couple of questions to ask yourself include, Are the job opportunities better at or near campus? And would staying near campus over the summer provide better options for your college resume?

Another factor to consider is your personal life. Do your parents need you to come home? Will you miss your friends and family? Will you be able to afford living away from home? These are also some questions to consider when deciding.

Another student Noelle Cutshaw, is not going home for the summer, but staying in Grand Forks, even though her family lives 20 minutes from Grand Forks. She has a job working orientations and doesn’t want to have to commute every day back and forth, “I drove back and forth last summer and it was annoying.”  She will be living in an apartment with some friends over the summer. “When my friend said she has an extra room in her apartment this summer I said absolutely.” Also, adding that she didn’t want to come home for the summer, “My family drives me crazy.” But with them being so close she said she will often visit them whenever she can.

Francisco Octavio a senior who is graduating decide to stay in the area for another year. The soon to be graduate from Mound, MN said his reason for staying is a common one for graduates, “I wanted to work and there is work in Grand Forks and not in my home town.” Previous summers he has also stayed away from home, previously working as a camp counselor, and a resident manager for the apartment he lives at. Which he will be doing again this summer as well as being a Certified Flight Instructure for the Aviation Program. While he will be five hours away, he says he will still see his family at least a few times this summer, saying if he gets two days off or more he will make a quick run home to see them. Also, his family has two weddings over the summer giving him a great opportunity to catch up with family at the events.

There are many factors to consider when making the decision where to live this summer.  Lucier said, “At the end of the day, the decision boils down to what you simply want to do.” Whatever you decide have fun and enjoy your summer.