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Staff Bios

Cullen Tolkinen, communication junior, is a changed man.

Since his first day at UND, Tolkinen has noticed himself changing and developing a new character for himself.

He has found a new love in writing and is taking communication and English courses to improve his writing skills. The dream is to become a sitcom writer.

“The thing that I hate about it is that both styles of writing are clashing,” Tolkinen said. “English is a totally different style than communications and writing for television is completely different than both of them.”

He said that he has developed a sense of humor since coming to college and now finds himself trying to be a class clown.

“I like to think that I’m pretty funny at times.”

With the new outgoing personality, Tolkinen has also become more political on social media, began playing bass guitar and has found a new enjoyment in sight-seeing.

 Brady Siebels

Brady Siebels is a sports fan from Hillsboro, North Dakota. After living in Hillsboro his entire life, he came to Grand Forks to study communications at the University of North Dakota.

If he had the opportunity, he said he would have loved to study at NDSU, but the communications program there was more journalism based when he wanted a  sports radio broadcasting route.

Siebels was heavily involved with sports in high school. He was dedicated to football, track and wrestling. Of these sports, he said he enjoyed wrestling the best.

“I loved the grind of it, the work, the reward at the end, and the comradery of the guys,” Siebels said.

Siebels was awarded several scholarships from both his sports and academic accomplishments. He said he could have been offered more sports scholarships if he continued into college, but a shoulder injury has hindered his sports career.

Since he is no longer participating in sports, he is now a track coach and gets to stay involved that way.